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How to Build an Instagram Following From Scratch

How to Build an Instagram Following From Scratch

With close to 500 million users, and counting, Instagram is slowly becoming a leading social media site, and we will try to help you get your first followers.

Simplicity is a major part of success when it comes to Instagram, and as we live in the society where information overload is a normal thing scrolling through the pictures with short captions seems like a perfect combination.

Both major and minor brands are trying to capitalize on this fast rise, so you should consider starting your campaign and avoid missing out on this opportunity.

In the next few paragraphs, we will lay down a roadmap and try to explain how to build your following base, whether you manage your personal or professional Instagram profile.

1. Figure out your strategy

Before going any further, you should answer these few questions.

What is your end goal on Instagram?

Creating a community of regular paying customers on you web page from followers while providing good service. This is a top priority!

How will your Instagram page affect your business?


Your best bet is to have few established Instagram users in your niche promoting your product in exchange for money or free stuff. This way, you can bring traffic to you web page fast and have a better conversion.

What are you going to offer to your followers?

Ask questions, research, ask your peers what kind of content would they like to see from you. Check what hashtags are your followers using and use them in your posts only if they are relevant, you don’t want to annoy them.

After you got this down, you are ready to move on.

2. Setting up your Instagram profile.

This one is pretty straight forward. You just need to fill some basic info and add your profile picture.

Profile image

You should consider an image that is representing your product or your brand. Logo of your company is always a good solution.

Your bio

If you are not an established brand already, then you need to utilize this feature as much as possible. Make it sound natural and positive; you can also use symbols.

Link to your web page.

If you use Instagram for business, then this one is really important. Add your web page address at the end of your bio. This will give your followers a chance to buy your product and turn them into your customers. Make sure that your web page is mobile friendly; most of the Instagram users are on their mobile phones.

3. Setting up your content plan.

Goals and KPIs (key performance indicators like shares, comments, likes) are essential. Set them and use them to track your progress.
Your next step should be schedule for content uploading. There are various apps that can help you with this like ScheduGram or Simply Measured.


Choose pictures that you are about to post very carefully. Use only pictures that are related to your brand and your brand’s story. Make sure that quality of a picture, description and hashtags are all on point.
When it comes to effectiveness, you should consider this:

Brand-inspired images

Posting beautiful images with a powerful message can bring you a lot of exposure as people tend to react to the images that trigger emotions.
Some of the biggest brands in the world are using this technique and investing money in the production of their photos so they can use the power of visual storytelling to their advantage.

Reactive storytelling

Reactive storytelling is a great way of sparking conversation because when businesses use this technique, they can leverage a human truth or insight to generate instant feedback. This includes a cultural action, a brand relevant action or a niche action.

Inspirational quotes

One of the best ways to create a viral buzz is to trigger a strong emotional response. If you can achieve this, there is a big chance that you are going to see more shares, likes, and comments on your posts.
You should start by preparing ten images; this will be enough for the next three to four days, depends on how you spread them.

A Track Maven released a report suggesting that major brands are getting thirty-seven likes and comments per thousand followers. That’s 3.7 reactions for every hundred followers you make.

4. Build relationships with influencing people

There are places where you can get exposure and more followers like, but there are people that have a big influence, and they are available only through direct contact. You can offer them free promotional stuff for shares, or pay them for the shoutout.


Instagram Direct is probably the best way for you to get in touch with the person who can help you promoting your product. It is private so you can send your offer that only influencer and you can see.

5. Manage your profile

With you profile, your connections and followers in place, it is time to manage your account. You can find a lot of very useful applications that can give you a better overview of your activities and activities on your account and also give you statistic and charts. Always have content ready for deployment and use the schedule as much as possible, it will make your life a lot easier.

Final thoughts

By now we hope that you realize how easy it is to have a successful Instagram page. Visual content is in high demand, and millions of users are already making a good use of it. Just remember to be clear with your ideas and always be in contact with your followers and respect them so you can see your brand grow and flourish.


Make sure to connect your Instagram page to your other social media accounts. This way you will be able to spread your brand and reach more people.
Leave your comments below and let us know if you had any success with the roadmap that we laid out for you, and how you managed to push your Instagram campaign to the next level.

How to Attract Real Instagram Followers for Your Business?

How to Attract Real Instagram Followers for Your Business?

Instagram is a powerful platform; it has around 300 million active monthly users. With this vast amount of people, the market for your product is enormous. The number of potential customers is unimaginable. The century-old question remains – how to attract real Instagram followers for your business?

The key to successful marketing is to attract potential clients with a great product and an impressive commercial. That’s why you have to set up your profile accordingly. Remember to interact with your followers, because every one of them represents a potential client. It’s important to talk with your followers about their impressions and get some feedback. Try to improve the quality of your product through the opinions of your followers.

Social networks and integration

Social networks are the most important thing on the Internet. These modern times brought great wonders upon us, and one of those is the social network marketing power. Don’t forget to link your account to every social media account you own. Start with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube.


These four platforms will help you create a massive base of authentic and genuine followers. If you want to be successful, you have to communicate with people and find out what they want, and what they need. The precise analysis is the key to good marketing.

Being present in a large number of social networks is crucial for successful business. This method of marketing triggers a domino effect, in simple words, when “a friend of a friend” refers you to someone, it only grows larger.

Create and upload quality content

Now that you have set up your marketing network by linking your account to social media, it is time to start uploading quality content. Instagram is a harsh environment; you have to invest one hundred percent of your time and effort to succeed. Quality content on Instagram means that you have to pay attention to details. You have to make photos of excellent quality, and you have to learn about editing.


When you acquire these skills, start uploading business-related pictures. The visual aspect is the most important parameter of good marketing on Instagram. You present your business with these pictures, be sure they’re top-quality.

The conclusion:

Instagram is one of the best social platforms you can use to promote your business. With a massive amount of daily users, it’s nearly impossible not to find a suiting market for your business. If you follow some simple rules and remember to use the hashtag, you should attract many followers in a short period. Be creative and turn on your imagination, find a way to draw attention to your product.


Use other social media to promote your Instagram account. Make a charity event on Facebook or Twitter and contribute to the community in that way. The possibilities are endless; you just need a little bit of creativity and persistence. Being persistent and patient is the most important part of being successful and satisfied.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram is revolving around followers and the likes. Many people make the same, common mistake and buy followers on Instagram. Building a genuine reputation takes more than having a bunch of bots as your followers. Although most of these offers are cheap, they are not worth the money. You won’t build an authentic group of legitimate people by buying followers on Instagram. This article provides four reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers, and it will try to help you avoid fraudulent deals.

The engagement and the dynamic

While having a lot of followers is an excellent thing, engagement is more important. It’s always better to build a comfortable environment where people can exchange opinions and interact with each other. You should also get involved with your followers. Buying fake followers won’t give you the ability to maintain the dynamic of your profile.


The whole idea behind social networks is to be social; with static followers the social factor is non-existent. Whether you’re selling something or not, be sure to communicate with your followers and establish a connection. People tend to respect a social individual.

Lack of credibility and a jeopardized reputation

When people see a lot of fake accounts following your business profile, you will lose your credibility fast. Usually, people don’t like companies or individuals who try to boost their reputation and popularity by buying followers. It’s portrayed poorly, and you should avoid it. Because of the affordability, fake followers seem like a tempting method of marketing.

Often, it proves to be a bad idea. If you’re running a legitimate business, you don’t want to ruin your reputation because you bought a couple of fake accounts. The gain is minimal, but the loss is enormous. It’s not worth it.

Total waste of money

By buying followers on Instagram, you gain no real advantages. If you’re selling a product, your fake followers won’t buy it. It only contributes to the “popularity” which doesn’t mean a lot when you’re not selling and not making a profit. Instead of wasting money on fake followers you could pay for ads on popular social networks like Facebook and target your potential customers.

An investment like that is much better and more productive than spending the same amount of money on artificial accounts. When you target a “real” audience, you’ll notice a growth in both profit and sales.

Suspended and banned accounts

First of all, buying fake followers is against the terms and conditions. It’s a serious violation of the rules, and it leads to your account being deleted. Imagine building a great community, regardless of the fake accounts and you get your account deleted. You wouldn’t want to start from scratch again.


To avoid such situations, try to attract followers legitimately, and you’ll have a quality follower’s base. The risk is not worth taking, for only a few dollars you could jeopardize your whole business. Instead, try to build up your follower’s base with creativity and good marketing.

How to Make Killer Instagram Videos and Attract Followers

How to Make Killer Instagram Videos and Attract Followers

Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users. It is a huge platform that offers amazing possibilities. Although it’s mainly focused on the pictures, the 4.1 update brought the ability for users to upload a video on Instagram. This article will be a mini-guide to help you conquer some of the methods for making killer Instagram videos. And to help you improve your editing skills.

Use your 15 seconds to tell a short, interesting story to your followers. That means thinking about every shot ahead of time and planning out the whole scene as much as possible. Sometimes these videos tend to be just random occurrences in your life. But, if you have the ability to plan the whole thing – use it. Planning out every angle and every shot tells your followers that you invested effort. People tend to appreciate the effort.


Don’t hesitate to show your personality. A lot of people tend to follow because they like what they see, and they like the person behind it. Making great Instagram videos means devoting yourself entirely to the project. Try to vary the perspective of your shots as much as you can, unless you’re making a stop-motion video. Make the video more interesting by starting it with a wide shot. Then, get a close-up of the action and end it with a firm conclusion in the form of an effect. This kind of shooting leaves a good impression.

Be sure to capture the perfect audio. Bear in mind, a vast majority of Instagram users are using mobile devices. Because of the small speakers, they demand top-quality audio. Make sure you get close enough to the subject of your video to cap the perfect audio. Consider using a microphone is you’re planning the video ahead.

Hold the camera as steady as possible. Shaking your phone will significantly reduce the quality of your video. You can also try and set your phone on a stable surface such as a table or a chair. Put your phone against something like a tree to prevent shakiness in the video. Instagram is full of fast-paced shaky videos, and people tend to ignore such videos.


Invest time and effort in thumbnails. Thumbnails are crucial for attracting large amounts of people to watch your video. It is the first thing people see, and you have to leave a good impression. Make a thumbnail that will tease potential viewers. Be creative and let your imagination do the work. A quality thumbnail is 50% of the work. You could make the best video of the world, without a quality thumbnail people won’t click on your video.

Use the best possible equipment you can. The quality of the video is the most important element, and it depends on the quality of your equipment. You don’t have to use Instagram to shoot and edit your videos. You can use a regular camera, edit it down to 15 seconds, transfer it to your phone, and then upload it to Instagram. This way you can produce much better videos.