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Instagram is revolving around followers and the likes. Many people make the same, common mistake and buy followers on Instagram. Building a genuine reputation takes more than having a bunch of bots as your followers. Although most of these offers are cheap, they are not worth the money. You won’t build an authentic group of legitimate people by buying followers on Instagram. This article provides four reasons why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers, and it will try to help you avoid fraudulent deals.

The engagement and the dynamic

While having a lot of followers is an excellent thing, engagement is more important. It’s always better to build a comfortable environment where people can exchange opinions and interact with each other. You should also get involved with your followers. Buying fake followers won’t give you the ability to maintain the dynamic of your profile.


The whole idea behind social networks is to be social; with static followers the social factor is non-existent. Whether you’re selling something or not, be sure to communicate with your followers and establish a connection. People tend to respect a social individual.

Lack of credibility and a jeopardized reputation

When people see a lot of fake accounts following your business profile, you will lose your credibility fast. Usually, people don’t like companies or individuals who try to boost their reputation and popularity by buying followers. It’s portrayed poorly, and you should avoid it. Because of the affordability, fake followers seem like a tempting method of marketing.

Often, it proves to be a bad idea. If you’re running a legitimate business, you don’t want to ruin your reputation because you bought a couple of fake accounts. The gain is minimal, but the loss is enormous. It’s not worth it.

Total waste of money

By buying followers on Instagram, you gain no real advantages. If you’re selling a product, your fake followers won’t buy it. It only contributes to the “popularity” which doesn’t mean a lot when you’re not selling and not making a profit. Instead of wasting money on fake followers you could pay for ads on popular social networks like Facebook and target your potential customers.

An investment like that is much better and more productive than spending the same amount of money on artificial accounts. When you target a “real” audience, you’ll notice a growth in both profit and sales.

Suspended and banned accounts

First of all, buying fake followers is against the terms and conditions. It’s a serious violation of the rules, and it leads to your account being deleted. Imagine building a great community, regardless of the fake accounts and you get your account deleted. You wouldn’t want to start from scratch again.


To avoid such situations, try to attract followers legitimately, and you’ll have a quality follower’s base. The risk is not worth taking, for only a few dollars you could jeopardize your whole business. Instead, try to build up your follower’s base with creativity and good marketing.